About us

Mediation internationalMEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is a leading mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service provider operating throughout Spain, across Europe and internationally. We provide family mediation, international and workplace mediation as well as civil and commercial, meeting/group facilitation, as well as multicultural/ADR/negotiation training.

MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is comprised of dedicated mediators, ombuds, lawyers and trainers with a combined 100+ years of international experience specialized in providing services to  international organizations, governments and others.



Partnered Organizations

MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL has operated internationally in Canada-(Canadian government and military, Queens University, K3C and many others), Germany- (inProgress), Romania-(PATRIR, IPDTC), Rwanda-(Conflict Analysis), Thailand-(Kasetsart, Chiang Mai University), The Caucuses-(Conflict monitoring and evaluation, FEWER), Ukraine-(CANADEM), England-(Civil Mediation Council, Ministry of Justice) and most recently in Spain (Indra, Nextel, Citrix, Jaume I Universidad, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Sinews, Iberian Lawyers and many others).



Recognizing the incredible backlog of small claims in the Spanish courts and in response to the EU Directive on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and ADR for consumer disputes, MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL has developed a cost-effective service which provides a proportionate method of dispute resolution for all types of consumer disputes.


By partnering with UK based Small Claims Mediation (SCM). MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL is able to handle high volumes of disputes. SCM is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and is featured on the UK Ministry of Justice directory for mediation provision.


The mediators at MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL recognize that many conflicts do not warrant the expense of face to face meetings, often involving lawyers and additional fees. At MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL we offer online mediation services in these situations. Our online services are provided at very low cost, prorated to the amount of the claim and counter claim. We offer online dispute resolution to many organizations in Spain, across Europe and internationally assisting them resolve conflicts with their clients. Our resolution rate is impressive (94%) with over 90% of our clients continuing to work with the service providers post mediation.



International Mediation

The International mediators at MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL provide opportunities for parties in conflict to resolve issues amongst themselves without the need to involve Courts or other legal proceedings. MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL provides a quick, reliable, effective and inexpensive alternative for resolving disputes that arise within an organization, between competing organizations and with partnering companies.


Mediation is a conflict resolution method, unlike the courts, that gives the parties control over settling their differences with objective guidance in a neutral setting. International mediations operate on the same dispute resolution principles as those that apply to conflicts between individuals and may involve issues such as trade and commerce, civil and commercial issues, copyrights and patents, as well as interpersonal differences.


Mediation of Workplace Disputes

Workplace mediation is extremely popular and successful throughout North America, Australia, Asia and Africa as well as in many European regions.

Workplace Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process whereby an impartial mediator facilitates communication between those in dispute to assist them in developing mutually acceptable agreements to improve their future working relationship. Mediation can be effective in both union and non-union settings and at all levels of the organization.


Meeting and Group Facilitation

We provide facilitation expertise for groups in conflict as well as for meetings that may require the assistance of a moderator. When the meeting is complex, involves competing agendas and/or there are extreme points of view with the potential to become highly volatile, MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL provides mediators that will work with the parties to keep the meeting on track, civil and focussed on collaborative agreements.


Multicultural-ADR-Negotiation Courses

With diversity, comes conflict.

The vast majority of these conflicts begin with miscommunication and lack of knowledge of the ‘others’ culture. One of the greatest costs to an organization is interpersonal conflict amongst its employees. When employees are in conflict, productivity, morale, sick time, relationships turnover and ultimately profit is impacted.


MEDIATION INTERNATIONAL offers workshops and courses to assist international workplaces better understand the varying cultures within a workplace and amongst international organizations. Our 6-hour workshops provide management with an overview on how to prevent and resolve interpersonal conflicts and our intensive courses provide detailed step-by-step directions aimed at preventing conflicts from arising. In our courses, participants become involved in role-plays, developed specifically for them and tailored to meet the needs of their organization. (We meet with management prior to all course offerings to develop role-plays relevant to ongoing conflicts in the workplace).

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